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[Repeat] Security in the Core is Not Enough: Extend the FortiGate Advantage to the Edge with Role-based Access on Wired and Wireless Networks

  • Peter Newton, Fortinet,
  • Phil Keeley, Fortinet,
  • James Allen, Fortinet
  • Date:Wednesday, February 28
  • Time:1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
  • Session Type:Breakout

One of the broadest attack surfaces that network operators need to secure is access. Whether it is wired or wireless, the explosion of devices connecting to corporate networks continues. It started with BYOD and has continued with IoT devices. Fortinet has unique abilities when it comes to securing wired and wireless networks and providing visibility into that traffic. The unifying nature of the Security Fabric delivers a level of security not matched by Cisco or HP, yet is still easily accessible via familiar tools. In addition to securing the traffic flowing across the network, network operators also need to identify the users behind the traffic and assign appropriate access level. The infamous US retailer, Target breach was enabled by HVAC vendor credentials having access to customer data. Learn best practices when using the Security Fabric to provide secure unified access and appropriate role-based access.