Session Details

Cloud-based Management, Analysis and SaaS Application Control with FortiCloud and FortiCASB

  • Idan Soen, Fortinet,
  • Ben Wilson, Fortinet
  • Date:Tuesday, February 27
  • Time:4:45 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Session Type:Breakout

Cloud adoption continues to rapidly expand and with it crop up new needs as the traditional IT models evolve to encompass it. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with the explosive growth of SaaS applications and the need for simplified security infrastructure management. In this session, we’ll cover two of Fortinet’s cloud-based platforms: FortiCloud and FortiCASB.

For FortiCloud, see how cloud management simplifies and provides flexibility for management and analytics of Fortinet devices on a network. Next up is a review of Fortinet’s Cloud Access Security Broker service, FortiCASB. You’ll see how when combined with a FortiGate firewall, FortiCASB provides visibility and control for SaaS-based applications.