Session Details

Best-in-Class Partner Technology Standards and Optimal Customer Cross-Selling Methods

  • Steve Lewis, Service Leadership, Inc.
  • Date:Tuesday, February 27
  • Time:3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Session Type:Breakout

Join Steve Lewis, Senior Client Advisor at Service Leadership, Inc., the solution provider industry’s leading profitability benchmarking and consulting firm, as he discusses a proven and practical approach to increasing your Operational Maturity Level (OML), focusing on two key tactical OML Traits: setting technology standards, and cross-selling more of your solutions to each customer. Together, these key OML Traits enable top-quartile solution providers to effectively drive towards best-in-class profitability, growth, and service quality. Audience members will come away with immediate, actionable steps they can take to improve their results by advancing in these two areas.