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Anthony Giandomenico

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Day 1: Offense and Defense: Playing Both Sides

  • Anthony Giandomenico, Fortinet,
  • Aamir Lakhani, Fortinet,
  • Oladipupo (Ladi) Adefala, Fortinet
  • Date:Tuesday, February 27
  • Time:1:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Session Type:Breakout

Successful attacks continue on many organizations despite the continued investments in the latest technologies. To successfully defend our cyber assets whether from a Nation State Actor or an Organized Criminal companies need to understand both their adversary’s tradecraft as well as how to analyze and respond to their cyber weapons. Can the battle be won? Day 1 will consist of common attack tools and techniques used by attackers to identify your attack surface, breach your network, increase foothold and remain invisible. Day 2 will center around building threat intelligence and analysis capabilities within your organization which will include basic malware analysis, system forensics and threat information sharing concepts.

To help ensure participants gain as much as possible from this workshop it is highly recommended that they have experience in the following areas:

- General understanding of Networking

- Understanding of Windows and Linux

- Basic Understanding of security principals

Note: This is a very intensive workshop containing a lot of material and hands-on labs in a two-day span, so please be ready to “drink from the firehose”!

1: Attendees must be prepared with their laptops with VMWare Fusion or VMWare workstation to participate in the course. Attendees are required to have basic knowledge of VMWare and how to set up guest operating systems

2: The workshop requires attendees to participate in technical labs. The majority of this class will consist of technical labs

3: The attendees should not use work laptops since the workshop will contain live labs and may require the students to reinstall software.

4: Attendees agree to the outlines or accept the risks associated with not following them.